How long should my photography stay for?

How many hours you require your wedding photographer depends on your day and what photos you would like, so first you need to consider the day.

What time will you be getting ready, what time will you be leaving to go to the ceremony, what time shall it start, how long will it last, what time will you get to the reception, what time will you be eating, when will you cut the cake and will you take to the dance floor.

This is a long list but it will give you a timescale for the day and allow you to work out how many hours you require. Most photographers will have packages for the whole day, however if you just want photos of the ceremony then get in touch for a quote for this.

Remember, photos of you getting ready may not sound very interesting, however the emotion, fun and happiness of you and your bridesmaids getting ready makes for some beautiful photos, it is also part of the story of your day and how the day began with you and your girls getting ready, the same can also be said for the groom and groomsmen too.

Your wedding photos are a story of the day, so capture the day from the beginning, from getting ready right through to the first dance, this is just a one day moment and you only get one chance to capture it all.