Have you ever shot at my wedding venue?

If we have then we may have wedding albums to show you of photos taken there, this will get an idea of the sort and style of photos you will have, it also makes it a little easier as we will already know those great little spots for this beautiful couple shots.

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Can I request certain images to be taken?

If there are some family photos you would like taken, then let your photographer know well in advance. Make sure we have a list, and know when you would like them taken.

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Random Bridal Tips:

On your wedding day your make up should enhance your features, so you look yourself at you most radiant and beautiful. Fresh, gorgeous make up with natural warmth will look great on your special day in photographs.

A glamour/ rock star hens experience. Spoil yourself, the girls, relax, have fun, glam up and capture moments combining professional photography, hair, make up and champas. Book this now with Lisa Lloyd Photography.

Create the wow factor with food. Food should have an impact with flavours and to show your individuality Canapés and beverages on arrival are made to be fun and quirky presentation, creating difference to the norm.

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Don’t become a ‘Bridezilla’!

A bridezilla is a metamorphosis of your personality. You get fixated with your ultimate wedding, focusing on perfection and being better than your friends and so on. Basically, becoming a nightmare to deal with, to be in the company of and driving people mad unnecessarily. There is no need to become a Bridezilla!

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Winter Weddings

I come from the UK, if you have not already worked that out. Winter weddings are the norm there, especially as it rains and it can give you amazing imagery.

From the venue to the weather, images of your day can look dramatic and it is different for you guests too as everyone wants a summer wedding. There is not planning difference at all except the weather. It is also low session and costs will be lower giving you more budget to create a winter wonderland.

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