Wedding Day Jitters

Most brides admit to being nervous but men don’t usually. It is based on adrenalin and emotions. It is normal to be nervous it is a big commitment. It is normal to get unexpectedly teary, oh man, I had tears, and trick is to not let it get the best of you!

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The Grooms Toasting tips:

Don’t get nervous, we all make an idiot out of ourselves at times especially in front of friends and family.

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The Grooms Attire

Today’s grooms are very fashion conscientious and are now afraid to get out of their box with their wedding attire. Just because all the attention seems to be on the bride

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The Best mans job

Most men ask “ what is my role?” “What do I have to do?” Or the bride wonders too!

This task is as serious as a matron of honour. You have been asked to come to the call of duty by someone who has be touched by you (not physically) in their lifetime and it is a very respectful and honorable role!

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As a photographer my job it to capture those moments, the tears, the laughter but I also get to listen to the speeches too.

Every bride and groom is uniquely different. I can admit I look forward to speeches. This is where you learn about the couple and their families. Everyone is relaxed and the emotions flow.

Traditionally speeches are opened up with the father of the bride, welcoming the groom to the family. The groom then speaks next, complimenting his wife and paying tribute to his family. Then the microphone gets usually taken over by the drunken best man and maybe matron of honour.

Best advice is to be taken with the moment, listen and keep eye contact with your guests and family.

No longer than 3 minutes.