There are some truly amazing places on this earth that you can go. No one can advise you on where to go, it is a very personal choice to be honest.

I would suggest collecting all your brochures, speaking to holidays agents, see what is available around your chosen dates and really research. I have heard some great amazing stories from brides and some horror stories.

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Latest trends in weddings

Simple, fluid and organic wedding design has always been the main inspiration for weddings. Your creation should be about what you and your partner likes, being it heterosexuals, or same sex weddings. There is no hard-fast rules around what a wedding should be run like or entail throughout the day. Traditionally wedding run all day but you could have a breakfast wedding with a celebrant? Or simple church wedding that only lasts an hour and then have lunch some where easy rather than having to spend lots of money. Or you can go the whole hog!!

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Wedding Etiquette Ways uncovered

The bridal party buying their own attire is not compulsory. It should be a gesture of those chosen but you chose them and should budget for them.

You don’t have to buy your fiancée a present. It is not traditional but some buy timeless pieces to show their love.

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The Groom isn’t helping!

Firstly, don’t assume you know the reasons he is not helping. It could be you are being a Bridezilla? It is easier to shut up and not be involved to get an easy life. Or all your girlfriends have assumed he is not into doing anything for the wedding? You are listening to their views, taking them on board personally, instead of with a massive bucket of salt as their comments are based on their own experiences or false stereotypes.

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Grooms attire pointers

The formality of your suit is dependant on the theme. If it is in the heat or cold and morning or afternoon/evening wedding.

There are a lot of choices to make and now there are more ideas than ever for Groomsmen as the industry as stepped up to the more modern age. Don’t leave it to the last minute. It is not just about you, its your groomsmen too.

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