The Gown

Well, we all watched Kate Middleton go down the aisle in that very traditional dress, although Alexander McQueen designed it, it was a renaissance period design really from the romantics period. But this has rocked a new trend of long sleeves, bustier, necklines and ornamentations for wedding dresses and will influence for sometime.

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Flowers are fashionably seasonal.

So once you have found your dream gown, consider your dress shape when choosing your arrangement for the bridal bouquet.

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Finding the right caterer

I know how important this is. For my wedding in hindsight, I should have got a reference and alot of things were amiss on my day with my chosen caterer and had a lot of complaints from my guests. Which is something you don’t want! I could have done it better on my own!!! That’s says something.

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Traditional white weddings are now on the out, but you can’t dismiss tradition as it comes with that traditional romantic feeling like a princess or Cinderella going to the ball.

However, our modern times are allowing brides and grooms to express themselves, using lots of colour, decorative statements, having receptions at unusual places showing off their unique personalities rather than conforming due to tradition. No one, or couple is the same, and coming together with family and friends to show who you are together is so important to express to allow them to understand why you are together, and why you are making that ultimate step.

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Themes and styling

Righty ho, now you can follow the trends or create your own style that fits your personality. There are wedding theme stylists now too you can hire. But seriously everyone wants to break the traditional conventions put some thought into it as a couple you don’t necessarily need someone to do it for you if you have not got that ideal budget.

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