Photographer tips to Safeguard yourselves

Get all details in writing. If a photographer is good they will have checklists and photo option lists to get an idea of what shots you do and don’t want taken.

Understanding what your costs are, have this in writing and sign off by both parties to agree to ensure there no hidden costs. Understand what may be additional like retouching, enlargements or reprints.

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Don’t go for the cheap option

Don’t go for the cheap option, make a good decision made with this mini guide below I resonate with all the below, just make sure with the choice you make sure they do the same.

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When it comes to wedding photography I always get the question

When it comes to wedding photography I always get the question, “why wedding photography so expensive? All they do is take photos’ and ‘I only want a few photos at the ceremony’. Why can’t I have all the photos?’. Why would I pay for a photographer and an Assistant? I don’t want an album, only a DVD, why do they upsell?

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Choosing a photographer

Gone the old age ‘ you get what you pay for’ anymore in this doggy dog world of so-called photographers as everyone has access to cameras. I am a fully trained photographer and of course would love you to book me. However, it is not all about the best deal either.

Be careful about the word candid too. This word has been misused and corrupted by the saturation of the digital age. I can buy a camera so I therefore I am a photographer?

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Wedding photography is an investment not a waste of budget.

Many blogs and internet writers are say’s exactly this below, not just Sasparella Wedding Photography. We all can’t be wrong? It is the story that unfolds that needs to be remembered…. You are engaged, the excitement is sky high and the ideas are flowing, but to start with you have the not so fun part to look at… the budget.

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