Do you know a friend or someone that has land? Do you have a big garden?

An outdoor wedding is now the way forward in this current climate when the rules allow for weddings to commence. When planning the layout of your outdoor wedding you have a lot to consider when doing this. I got married outdoors on a friends land, and there was so many things you had to think about including outbursts of UK rain.

Depending on how many guests you’re having including elderly. Will they be able to be safe in a marquee or are you going to have your ceremony outside? Consider a licence, or having a structure to get married under if rain occurs.

Plan your footwear

The ground leading to your ceremony aisle may not be easy to walk on compared to indoor venues? Consider wearing flat shoes, wedges, low heels that won’t sink into the ground and providing flips flops. Alternatively most marquee providers can supply you with hessian matting, path ways for aisles and outer rims of structures for ease of entry and walking.

Have a wet weather back up plan

The weather as we all know in the UK can be unpredictable. Four seasons in one day. Should the rain, hail or snow should fall at the last minute, or if the temperature were to drop just ahead of your ceremony, you may not be able to proceed outdoors. Its best to have a portable structure or spend that little more like I did on an open Marquee to get married under.

Choose a theme

Aside from the natural surroundings to of your outdoor wedding setting you may wish to add a certain style or theme to your ceremony. Consider a pretty woodland or rustic theme ideas taken from the wedding of Bella and Edward from the movie Twilight, or an enchanted outdoor wedding theme or even a summer floral theme. Not only will your wedding photography be absolutely stunning but your guests will enjoy seeing your creativity too.

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