How do I arrive and leave at the venue?

Arriving in Style

Vintage car

vintage cars are extremely popular they are perfect if you're looking for a timeless classy elegant entrance so many choices around Oxfordshire and something that suits everyone individual style

A London Metro bus

these have become popular overtime and they take lots of numbers of guests to your ceremony or your reception venue let's face it they do look really cool

On foot

can you put it simple can often be the key to success special reception is an open field or a farm lands venue

Tuk Tuk

An exotic piece of fun this option has become quite popular in Oxfordshire with people bringing in tuk tuks from abroad.

Horse and Carriage

Many couples take the traditional horse and carriage idea with smart black/white carriage reminiscent of 19th century, or the original Princess arrival they've always dreamed of with an elaborate fairy-tale theme. Open or closed carriages dependant on weather.


Yes , I hear you say, I can't ride a motorbike but some people can, so this is an actual idea that you could actually pull off. To drive your own motorbike to the ceremony venue, and to the reception venue or area with partner in tow in a side carriage or on the back. But weather permitting.


This is a great idea if your bride needs to be taken across the terrain, and it an open field countryside wedding. It's great because you can have the bridesmaids on a trailer in the back, this can be made up with flowers and creative themes including taking the person who's giving you away.

Sports car

My choice would be an old Chevy, however there are many cars like Lamborghinis, Porsches and other types that you can actually hire with a chauffeur for your wedding day. Dependent on the venue you can be taken right up to the ceremony door.

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