Suits you!

Suits you!

Buy or not to buy? There are always pro’s and cons, it is the real matter of how many groomsmen and budget. Cost of hiring is always cheaper but if you are looking something more unique then you will have to dig deep and get a tailored suit if you’re looking for fitted suits rather than regular sizes.

Grooms suit

Most people opt to buy their suits for the day like the bride. Off the hanger option or tailored to your fit. Again this is dependent on style and fabrics used to create your vision.

Bold Check Suits on trend for 2020/21

We predict that the Number One Trend for Wedding Suits in 2020 will be a revolution in design.  Every few years the fashion for wedding attire takes a seismic shift and we predict 2020 will be one of those years.  For the most fashionable, the most daring and the most on trend grooms of 2020 will be wearing BOLD CHECK WEDDING SUITS.   Big, brave patterns throughout the whole 3.piece suit.  2020/21 is the year of checked patterned wedding suits!!!

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